Reasons why I love London

1. The cool air in the morning with that faint city smell
2. All walks of life sat together on the bus
3. Independent cafés at lunchtime in Shoreditch
4. The purposeful walking of people after work: we work hard, now we're going to enjoy ourselves
5. Random moments of architectural grandeur and history between the soulless offices of the city remind me of just how much this city has seen
6. The river at sunset
7. The fresh air from the river at sunset
8. People spilling onto the streets from bars and pubs, flirting, flaunting or just happy to get the chance to relax
9. East London at night
10. How almost all of this is free, and that's before counting the countless museums, parks, neighbourhoods, free london festival... none of which you have to spend a penny on... except to top up your oystercard, of course.