My flatmate told me that I was "brave" to wear Men's Gladiator Sandles, or, as she called them, 'Mandles.' But really, they're everywhere at the minute. They may have been more of a women's item really, but since when did sandles become gendered? After all, how many female gladiators were there? They're not exactly androgynous or stilettos... And the designers seem to agree (okay, okay, I'm clearly just following their lead...), not that I can afford a pair of Dolce & Gabanna sandles, but still. Gladiator Sandles look pretty cool, they're comfortable, and you can get them pretty cheap... My advice, go for it.

A chink of light shines into the abyss

One week left until my exams are pretty much over... Much boredom, stress and studying on the way... However, the exam period has turned into an unprecedented social period. Okay, so I have basically been cooped up for two weeks, but what with secret cinema screenings, international food parties, Diplo at Cab Vol and various other nights out planned, it's all looking pretty good... I'm going to miss Uni life.


Recyled fashion

The term 'recession-savvy' can be overused these days, but one of the best ideas to have come out of these financially gloomy times is the recycled fashion craze that's starting to catch on. Everyone has old clothes they no longer wear, and an economic downturn doesn't end our socially conditioned desires to buy new clothes, look sharp or different or interesting and brighten up our lives. So out come the scissors, and I pray that my sewing skills will improve with time. Exhibit one: Old navy tee becomes black and gold hand-print design vest. I'm still not sure if this one wouldn't look better in some dodgy not-even-close-to-hip warehouse gallery than on me, but it's good to experiment...no? Exhibit two: create a massive replica gingham bowtie and attach to plain, old burgundy tee... we'll see how this one goes...
Maybe better to leave it to the designers after all.

Examine me

When did exams cease to be just 'exams'? Call me traditional, but I really do prefer a sit-down exam for a few hours which is just over and done with. No ambiguity about how much secondary reading and confusion over extensions and clashes because of a "take home exam" that you either feel you haven't done enough for or end up panicking and making ridiculous amounts of work for when you'd much rather be having vaguely illegal barbequeues in the Meadows or, well, sleeping.


All things considered

It ain't so bad, 'real work.' After months of nothing but, er, 'intellectual pursuits' - in other words, my dissertation and distracting myself from my dissertation - I finally did some work that earns me something tangible (ie. money). I was dreading it for some unknown reason but then I realised, it's really not so bad. I like the people I work with, and a bar is a sociable place that keeps you going and never gets too dull, and best of all, I don't have to think too much! That may be a patronising thing to say, but it really is nice to just work and earn and not worry about french grammar and sentence length. It made me realise that perhaps even if the future doesn't follow a smooth, easy path (however all my appendages are still crossed on this one) it might not be so bad. Hopefully I'll be able to earn enough to live on at least. Combined with my renewed love for Leeds (see my previous post) and the glorious early spring weather we are enjoying, I'm beginning to rethink my writing off of Britain. Like work, I guess it ain't so bad, really.


After my post representing for Tollcross, I've really just got to say how much love I feel for my hometown, Leeds. It may not be quite there yet, it needs a bit of a scrub up in places and sometimes all the amazing projects that are being or to-be-built in the city centre seem to happen painfully slow compared to in say, Liverpool or Manchester, but there's no denying that Leeds is awesome. The nightlife, just brilliant. There are so many bars to choose from, so many brilliant club nights. Maybe it seems like paradise after the lack of choice in Edinburgh, but that still doesn't spoil it for me. And I love all the independent shops selling new designs and vintage fashions. And the victorian architecture. Some of it is crumbling, some of it is shining resplendently in all its glory, but it's all just amazing. Running around the West Park fields with the views over the rolling hills of suburbia, I realised that, in the last rays of an unusually warm and sunny spring day, my heart still belongs here, after all, I guess. If only the weather was better, hey?


Passion Pit's incredible 'Sleepyhead'


I know it's been around for a while now, but this has to be one of the best new songs out in a LONG time. I can't wait for the album. It's just such a beautiful, refreshing, euphoric track; rich with lush electronic layers that far outstrip most of the many electropop offerings of today's music scene. It feels like being sprayed with fresh, cool water on a hot summer's day. Less than three minutes, but guaranteed to lift your mood.

I'm also loving the new Jack Penate and Dizzee Rascal singles:

So upbeat and so carnival, just a fun song for sunny spring days.

I could only find a live clip, the full intense must-dance-now atmosphere doesn't come across quite as well, but you get the idea.