All things considered

It ain't so bad, 'real work.' After months of nothing but, er, 'intellectual pursuits' - in other words, my dissertation and distracting myself from my dissertation - I finally did some work that earns me something tangible (ie. money). I was dreading it for some unknown reason but then I realised, it's really not so bad. I like the people I work with, and a bar is a sociable place that keeps you going and never gets too dull, and best of all, I don't have to think too much! That may be a patronising thing to say, but it really is nice to just work and earn and not worry about french grammar and sentence length. It made me realise that perhaps even if the future doesn't follow a smooth, easy path (however all my appendages are still crossed on this one) it might not be so bad. Hopefully I'll be able to earn enough to live on at least. Combined with my renewed love for Leeds (see my previous post) and the glorious early spring weather we are enjoying, I'm beginning to rethink my writing off of Britain. Like work, I guess it ain't so bad, really.