After my post representing for Tollcross, I've really just got to say how much love I feel for my hometown, Leeds. It may not be quite there yet, it needs a bit of a scrub up in places and sometimes all the amazing projects that are being or to-be-built in the city centre seem to happen painfully slow compared to in say, Liverpool or Manchester, but there's no denying that Leeds is awesome. The nightlife, just brilliant. There are so many bars to choose from, so many brilliant club nights. Maybe it seems like paradise after the lack of choice in Edinburgh, but that still doesn't spoil it for me. And I love all the independent shops selling new designs and vintage fashions. And the victorian architecture. Some of it is crumbling, some of it is shining resplendently in all its glory, but it's all just amazing. Running around the West Park fields with the views over the rolling hills of suburbia, I realised that, in the last rays of an unusually warm and sunny spring day, my heart still belongs here, after all, I guess. If only the weather was better, hey?