Recyled fashion

The term 'recession-savvy' can be overused these days, but one of the best ideas to have come out of these financially gloomy times is the recycled fashion craze that's starting to catch on. Everyone has old clothes they no longer wear, and an economic downturn doesn't end our socially conditioned desires to buy new clothes, look sharp or different or interesting and brighten up our lives. So out come the scissors, and I pray that my sewing skills will improve with time. Exhibit one: Old navy tee becomes black and gold hand-print design vest. I'm still not sure if this one wouldn't look better in some dodgy not-even-close-to-hip warehouse gallery than on me, but it's good to experiment...no? Exhibit two: create a massive replica gingham bowtie and attach to plain, old burgundy tee... we'll see how this one goes...
Maybe better to leave it to the designers after all.