East London's best coffee?

Last week, alongside my overdiscussed passionate affair with Burberry, I fell into a more symbiotic (well, they need custom!) relationship with Brick Lane Coffee. It has to be one of the best places to chill out during the day in Shoreditch, with a fantastic music policy (no lounge jazz - not that you'd expect it in the East End), really comfy sofas that you sink into just the right amount, without feeling like your derriere is going to be entirely swallowed, friendly staff and some seriously fine coffee. I'm pretty sure those of you lucky enough to have lived in East London a while have known about it forever, but I've so far tried three types of coffee and each was superlative. And managed to keep me alert all afternoon, which is always good. Take note, Whole Foods - coffee should keep you alert, not make you shake like a crack addict. So, much love and credit where it is deserved.