Escape to the country

I love London, but sometimes, true to the cliché, it does get a bit busy and stressful, so - arguing that the money spent on a train ticket would be made up for in money not spent just existing in the city - I visited my friend in Suffolk for her post-birthday weekend. It was wonderful: delicious home cooked food in a cosy, beautiful house with old oak beams and sea views, what's not to like? And the company of course. Even despite the slightly chilly winds blowing off the sea (compounded by the fact I clearly was half asleep when I packed and had no form of jacket, knitwear or other protective vestment), there was something relaxing and liberating about being in the open air and open fields of East Anglia. Though I now have a pretty unpleasant ex-blister on an uncomfortable nook on my thumb as a result of my over-vigorous rowing on Sunday Morning. But I guess there's always something to complain about.