Wild Things and Shiny Rings

I have to admit, I have been loth to go and see Spike Jonze's adaptation of 'Where the Wild Things Are', because I am always dubious about film adaptations of books, and though it does look beautiful and my friends have loved it... well, I am quite attached to the images I have in my imagination since childhood of Maurice Sendak's dark and beautiful classic. One thing that I am enthusiastic about, however, is the Wild Things-inspired collection of faux fur delights for Opening Ceremony. Evoking the characters of the book/movie with lush, thick layers of surprisingly realistic fur, the collection manages to be fantastical whilst wearable, a real labour of love and artistry. http://www.openingceremony.us/p318.html

If you haven't heard of Dominic Jones by now, I don't know where you've been the last few months, but the London-based jewellery designer, whose muse is none other than rock-chic icon Alice Dellal, is making huge waves in the fashion world. His gutsy jewellery, which draws influence from punk and gang subcultures, as well as the animal kingdom, manages to be at once bold and aggressive and subtle and elegant. And I'm going to join the long list of people desperate to get my hands on a piece: a single or double (knuckle-duster referencing) claw ring, if I had to make a choice, would come just above the metal claw-detail leather gloves. Currently available at Matches Fashion but bound to be in every stylish boutique from London to NYC by the time winter is over. www.dominicjonesjewellery.com