Return to the Gothic Spires and Arctic Winds

It's funny how places take on a totally different face when you don't live there. After spending years bemoaning the cold, the grey, the small-town feel and the lack of anything remotely alternative in the Scottish capital, I return to find all these features somehow endearing. When you aren't accustomed to it, jaded by the wind, Edinburgh's beauty is striking, its gothic skyline full of dark allure, its weather almost, dare I say it, refreshing.

A weekend 'up north' couldn't have been better spent: celebrating Thanksgiving with one of my best (American) friends and her extended entourage of international acquaintances was a decadent feast and a great chance to catch up with people I haven't seen in months. The rest of the weekend passed in a haze - I didn't realise quite how many friends still lived in Edinburgh until I got there. But despite flitting around, indulging myself in mulled wine far too early in the afternoon and sleeping little, I still felt relaxed, nostalgic and heart-warmed. If, admittedly, a little on the chilly side.

(The first two photos are courtesy of my beautiful friend Jai)