The ethics of scarves

Scarves may not seem like the most obvious subject for moral or ethical debate, but my recent choices in this area have left me more contemplative than your average winter accessory buy. The dilemma, if you can call it that, will become clear upon describing the objects at hand:

Exhibit A: A Brown, Jersey, American Apparel Circle Scarf

Exhibit B: An antique fox fur stole

Before you say anything, I am not in favour of seal clubbing or inhumane treatment of animals generally. In fact I was a vegetarian for a long time. However. There's no denying that fur both looks and feels good - so soft, so warm. Humans have been wearing it for thousands and thousands of years. Go to siberia, it's not a luxury there, it's a necessity. Not that this applies in London, but I think that when it comes to fur - yes, a lot of it is inhumanely killed or farmed, but vintage fur is already long dead and not wearing it doesn't benefit the animals. In fact, wearing a fur - especially a complete fur like mine - is a preservation of the creature's beauty, and as much of a memorial as they would ever get. You can argue that wearing a vintage fur still glorifies the trade, which does have some truth... but beauty always hurts, n'est pas.

And my circle scarf comes guilt free, from the sweatshop free icon itself. So on balance, I'm just an imperfect human. With nice scarves.

This almost makes up for not being able to afford the burberry snoods...