Another Weekend, Another Party (or 2)

This weekend saw me once more on the party trail across Londontown, hitting up Odd One Out's Freaks and Geeks night at the new place to be, Cable, under London Bridge station. Whilst there's no denying that this is a great venue, with the expected exposed brick, and large, slightly ramshackle, cavernous spaces, mezzanines and a vaguely Dickensian atmosphere, the event itself was something of a let down. Admittedly, I was tired from a busy week and various dramas earlier on in the night, but despite some decent music (a pretty eclectic selection including some standard electro, fun-time disco and a little bit of afrobeat), the atmosphere was somewhat confused - with a selection of Clapham yuppies, a lost looking East London contingent and some people who really went for the Freaks and Geeks theme (most people, myself included, were a little more half hearted). It didn't really seem to mesh - though drinks prices were fairly reasonable. I'd definitely give Cable another go, but maybe only for a seriously big name DJ where you know the music will be enough in itself to make the party.

The not-so-mean-anymore back streets of Dalston are where you will find Stamford Works, a warehouse space that played host to DDD's Bad Birthday Shindig on Saturday night. This was my kind of party. They didn't make a huge effort with the venue, but it divided nicely into a large, coolish room playing electro and techno deftly mixed in with splashes of jazz and world music; and a smaller, cosy, and warm (well, roasting and humid) room with velvet sofas, reclining wannabe-models pouting, and retro disco tunes. Not as crowded as you might think, and with a diverse crowd perhaps drawn by a mention in Metro (quote of the night: "What are you dressed as?" to my friends and I... Erm, ourselves?), this was one party where the fun went on, and on, and on, accompanied by impressive lights and lasers and an impressive DJ line-up: Crazy P and The Revenge alongside DDD residents. An added dimension to the Shindig was its Michael Jackson theme, which saw a decent chunk of the crowd sporting slogan t-shirts ('Hero to Paedo' sticks in the mind) or dressed as Jacko in one of his many iconic incarnations. Shame about the rain on the way home.