Polly's Scattered Goods

Polly Scattergood Polly Scattergood
Basically Little Earthquakes for the electro generation, this is one of the best albums I've heard in a while. Polly Scattergood has been given the dubious - yet prestigious - honour of being named the lovechild of Kate Bush and Bjork, but her album is much more than just a mixture of the two. Her raw, vulnerable, confessional tone and lyrics is amazing - her voice conveys emotion with a rare, touching ability - hence the Tori Amos comparison. A lot of the album is composed of mournful, relatable, insecure balladry, but it has an extra layer of electronic yumminess that lifts it above and beyond, making it both inventive and emotionally gripping. Highlights include the dramatic electro-rock out climax of the first track, 'I Hate the Way' and the upbeat electro-pop celebration of 'Bunny Club' and 'Nitrogen Pink' counterpointed by final, haunting track 'Breathe In Breathe Out.' Brilliance.