Paris shows us the way to next winter

Sometimes it seems a little depressing that autumn/winter is 'the' season for fashion, and all the hype around the spring shows makes many fashionistas want to skip what - to me at least - is the loveliest part of the year, the green, the sunshinem the outdoor life...

However. Last week was Paris Fashion Week and it seems as though we will be having a fair few treats in store next season:
[and, being a guy, I'm going to skip over the continuing reign of Balmain as the bold and beautiful when it comes to womenswear]
Military and the 'Gangs of New York' are the looks being touted and shown by many - with 80s revival slowly petering out, looks reflect a time further past - maybe not with quite as much of a modern twist as I would like - but still a refreshing change.

Military buttons, colours, strong coats - developing on 09/10 trends are paired with more sombre hues, less fitted clothing and even more boots. A personal favourite are the Burberrry (okay okay, this was Milan) sheepskin lined black leather ones. In many ways fashion is getting less flashy, more classic but with attention to details - zips, buttons, lines...

Dries Van Noten referenced menswears classics and built on 09/10 with strong piping and mixing tweed, stripes and blocks of colour to combine classical looks in a radical new way. For those on a budget - chop and stitch your way to next season's hot trends!

Dior Homme has simple, monochrome outfits flowing loosely in a range of fabrics and styles that range from futuristic panelling to stormy Victoriana - retaining a Gothic grandeur throughout. Perhaps one of the most easy to imitate looks, the clothes are also very wearable and versatile.

And there's another three fashion weeks to go.