America made me like bad music.

I have no radio, and never listen to it, so for the most part I choose what I want to listen to, and of course like everyone I have my guilty pleasure songs, but I manage usually to avoid getting sucked into the mediocrity of sanitized commercialism spewed forth by 90% of radio stations. Deprived of total control of my musical choices in the US, I found my ears pricking up at the irresistibly perky yet utterly bland strains of Jay Sean's 'Down,' the catchy awfulness of LMFAO's 'I'm in Miami Bitch,' and to round things off with yet another delightfully-titled treat, I ended up succumbing to the pounding beats of David Guetta (who I by and large don't mind anyway), accompanied by possibly my least favourite 'artist' ever, the squaking, misogynistic Akon on the humourous and ultimately brilliant, umm, 'Sexy Bitch.'

Here ends my confession.